Scam Updates and Information
The Horse industry has not been excluded from scams and fraudulant behaviors. We will keep you as updated as possible concerning these issues by providing you examples of what to look for and by giving you links to other information news sources. If you have any question or comments or if you would like to add any reliable information, please e-mail us at Thank You!
E-mail Example:
Hello Am intrested in buying your (horse) so i want you to send me the last price and the present conditions of the (horse) with the currentpics and i have a local shipping company who will take care of the shipping....
E-mail Example:
Hello Yourname, Thanks for the quick response concerning the sale of the (horse), i want you to go get the advert off the web and consider the (horse) sold,presently i am schedule to leave for Holland on a business engagement that will last me for 5 working but this does not stop this transaction as i will be informing my business associate in the state to make out a check of $6,500 to your care and as soon as you receive the check you will deduct your cost price and additional 100 then you will transfer the ballance via western union money transfer to the shipping company that will handle the pick up,the resaon being that i have other consignment in the state which they will pick up for me,.Kindly provide me with your full Name Valid phone anand Complete Contact Information for the payment if my mode of payment is considered and if i can trust youwith my funds.i look forward to read from you. Thanks God Bless You
If you are contacted with e-mails or other forms of scam, report these to one of the following locations:
Federal Trade Commission Consumer Complaint Form
Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Other helpful links include:
IFCC Fraud Tips
IFCC Warnings
Government Warnings