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Getting Started: All buyers and sellers must register for an account to place an ad directly online. Contact the office at info@ozarkshorseexchange.com or fill out the form on our contact page if you have questions or would like to learn other ways in which you can get your ad online. You can also download one of the following ad order forms: Then, mail the form to our office:
Ozarks Horse Exchange
21125 Aster Rd.
Conway, MO 65632

Registration is FREE! Once you have registered for a Username and Password your account will become active. Then, you are created a user administration home page. You can only access this page when you are logged into your account. Once you are logged in, click on the "My Account" button above the top banner. This page is the central location of links for all of your buying and selling managing. You are given the following page link options:

1. Active Ads: This page displays all of your ads in a chart form. You are given the options to view your ad, mark it as sold, renew, upgrade, edit and delete the ad. You can only upgrade your ad for 24 hours once it has been placed.
2. Current Information: This page shows all of your personal information in our records along with the price plan that you are assigned to. You can edit this information from this page.
3. Favorites: When you see an ad that you like, check the "add-to-favorites" icon on the ads left column menu. From this link in your account, you can go back and view these ads. Your favorites will remain here until you delete the ad or until the ad expires.
4. Ad Filter: Create an Ad filter with this page link by filling out the category and/ or key words of the product that you are looking for. When someone places something that meets your criteria, an ad link will be sent to this section of your account.
5. Place An Ad: Click this link in your admin account to immediate start placing ads. Your first choice will be what category to place your ad. Please note that the administrator must approve of all ads before they go online. Allow up to 72 hours for ads to be placed once payment has been received.
6. Expired Ads: View your expired ads here. Ads are only renewable up to 15 days after they expire.
7. Communication Configuration: Choose how you want your buyers to contact you. You will have the options of private and public. By choosing public, your e-mail address will be shown and messages will not be sent to the system provided by Ozarks Horse Exchange. By choosing private, your e-mail address will not be shown and you will need to use our communication system as explained in the next step.
8. Communication: Click this link to see messages that buyers have sent you concerning your product or service.
9. Create Signs & Flyers: This link will take you through a quick and easy step by step process of printing a flyer or sign that will bring buyers to your product on our website.

Common User Questions:
1. I forgot my user name and password. Can I have another one sent to me? Yes! All just need to have the e-mail address that the account is set up under. Click here to send us your address.
2. What are the rates for placing an ad? CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR RATES PAGE.
3. What if I don't have a credit card? Are there different ways I can pay? We accept Credit Cards through PayPal, PayPal, Checks and Money Orders. If you are sending a check or money order your ad will not be place until payment is cleared.
4. What is the duration of an advertisement? This depends on the type of ad you are placing. If you are placing a general classified ad, your ad can be either 3 months or 6 months. If you are placing an Event, which is FREE, your ad will only last for 2 months. All ads in the business directory will last for 6 months. You will receive notice 10 days in advance before your ad is to expire. At that time, you can renew your ad. See our Rates Page for more details.
5. What's the difference between My Account and My Info? On your "My Account" page, you are given links to all of your user management pages as previously listed. On your "My Info" page, you can view and edit your registration information, and you can also view your price plan information.
6. After Registration, how do I place an ad? Users can go to their "My Account" page by clicking on the "My Account" button at the top of the page. Then, click the "Place An Ad" link. Or they can click the "Sell" button at the top of the page.
7. When contacting a seller, where does the message go? Does it go straight to their account? Do I get a copy of it? Is it forwarded to their e-mail? When you fill out the message form to contact the seller, it goes either to their e-mail account or to the communication set-up in their user administration. The seller determines how they want to be contacted.
8. How do I find my messages that people send me? After you have set up your account go to the "My Account" page. You can access this page by clicking the "My Account" button below the top banner. Go to the Communications Configurations Page and check either public (People can send messages directly to your e-mail account which exposes your address) or private (Messages are sent to your Ozarks Horse Exchange account). To retrieve messages when your Communications Configurations is set to private, Click the Communications link on your "My Account" page.
9. What if I purchase an ad to run for 6 months and it sells in 3 months? Do I get reimbursed or credited the extra money to my account? Ozarks Horse Exchange does not reimburse funds nor do we keep a positive or negative account with anyone. In your my active ads area of the my account section, you can mark your item as sold to keep individuals from contacting you.
10. I selected the featured ad option for my ad, but I'm not seeing it on the home page. Why? If more than twelve customers have selected to have their ads to be featured, all ads will rotate through the front page each time the page is refreshed or revisited. The ads will change as each visitor revisits the home page. Your ad will also be posted at the top of the list in the category that the item falls under.
11. How long do featured ads stay posted? Featured ads stay posted for the duration of the ad. If you renew your ad, you will also have to pay for this feature again. You also have the option to renew your ad without the ad extras.
12. I have registered for a user name and password, why can I not login? Check to verify that you can receive cookies in your Internet options. You must enable cookies in order to log on to our site.
13. Is there a limit to the number of character I can place in an ad? All users are limited to 2,000 characters per ad.
14. Is there a photo size limit? Keep photos under 200KB. Make sure that they are in RGB color format and that they are either .jpg or .gif. If you are using pictures directly from your digital camera, they will usually be in the right color format and file type. Keeping a low resolution, 72dpi, will ensure a lower file size. You can also send us your photo via e-mail (info@ozarkshorseexchange.com) or through the mail:
Ozarks Horse Exchange
21125 Aster Rd.
Conway, MO 65632
Photos mailed to the office will not be billed online. Please send $5.00 per photo. Make checks payable to Ozarks Horse Exchange.
15. Will using the back and forward arrows at the top of my browser affect my ad placement? Using these arrows may affect your registration, ad placement and over all viewing. However, you can refresh your page as often as you would like. In fact, we recommend it!
16. Can I register for an account if I do not have an e-mail account?Yes! Simiply enter yourphonenumber@yourphonenumber.com (4175329131@4175329131.com)in the e-mail box when you register.
17. How can my company advertise on the front page? Contact our office for business advertising potential on our front page. E-mail us at info@ozarkshorseexchange.com. Please include your name, company, phone number and the best time to contact you.
18. How do I know if an e-mail is from Ozarks Horse Exchange or if it is a scam e-mail? See our Scam Updates and Information page for more info on this.